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Boxing Gloves

Boxing Classes

 To prepare you to boom with the best, we’ve designed this class to introduce you to jabbing, uppercuts and hooks. We will guide you step-by-step thru the fundamentals of boxing, from your footwork and stance all the way thru to your punch combinations and defense to ensure a smooth integration into our signature Counterpunch Class.


Know the basics of boxing and want to learn more? This is your class. Continue to build on your boxing foundation adding advanced footwork and punch combinations, defense, and, of course, the art of counter punching. Classes will include partner drills, focus mitts, and heavy bag work. You will gain skills but expect the conditioning aspect of class to be just as intense. There is no better workout than boxing. Keep working, Champ!


Your Space. Your Time. Your Expert. Drop in to this informal Open Gym Hour to focus on whatever it is you want to improve upon. If you are looking for a deeper awareness of your movement, a trainer will be accessible for questions, guidance and perspective.


On the newer side to boxing or looking to get in fight shape? This is your class. Expect a killer playlist, an elevated heart rate, and a whole lot of fun punching it out on a heavy bag. Classes will include a variety of basic footwork and punch combinations, strength training, and conditioning circuits. In this class you will gain speed, stamina, and strength. Come train like a champ!


Youth boxing is the perfect  after school activity where students will learn the fundamentals of a true boxer's workout.  Program will include jump rope, shadow boxing, calisthenics, and heavy bag. They will strengthen their body while increasing stamina, agility, and self confidence. This is a class that teaches self-discipline, patience, teamwork, and respect. Competition is available for advanced students.  Ages 8-15. 60 Mins.

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