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After turning professional in 2010, Bruno gained a reputation as a tough and skilled fighter, culminating in his crowning achievement of the IBA Super Flyweight World Champion title in 2013.

Today, Bruno continues to give back to the sport he loves. He is a licensed amateur and professional trainer, as well as the co-founder and head trainer of Aloha Time Boxing. Whether he's helping beginners get in shape or working with experienced fighters to hone their craft, Bruno brings his love, knowledge, dedication and passion to every training session. He is an inspiration to his students and to fans of all ages.

Bruno escalante jr

Aloha Kid

Former IBA Super Flyweight World Champion who grew up in Waimanalo, Hawaii, is a highly respected figure in the boxing world. He began his boxing journey at the age of 14 and was a standout amateur, winning three national titles and earning a place as the 2008 Olympic Flyweight alternate. 

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