Q: Will I be okay if I’m a beginner or not already in shape?                 


Not a boxer? You don’t have to be. Boxing is hard, it takes your whole body, your whole mind and it takes dedication. That is why we love our beginners and applaud them for recognizing the amount of fight they have in themselves.


We’ve devised Class 101 specifically for our Brand New Contenders to learn boxing fundamentals  - everything from hand wrapping to correct stance to footwork and punches - in an un-intimidating way before transitioning to our mixed-level Counterpunch Class.




Q: Will I get hit in the face?


Not if you do as you’re told. Kidding!


Seriously though, our classes are tough, explosive high-energy workouts which will not only be the most grueling cardio session of your week, it’ll also be the most educational, safe, non-contact & will decimate calories, improve coordination and destroy stress. We want you leaving you with an endorphin rush to SMASH all barriers and limitations in your life – while still retaining all your marbles.




Q: What if I want to spar?


As you advance, we encourage all of our boxers to spar because while focus mitts can simulate both the offensive and defensive elements of boxing, only controlled sparring can deliver the importance of timing and distance. You will be equipped with a high level of skill, control, and discipline in order to progress with minimum risk of injury.


 If you’ve taken our Counterpunch class and are inspired to fight properly, we will work with you to level up to a technique-focused class on how to counterattack and defend punches. Light technique, body and isolations sparring, will help you prepare for a full-contact sparring session we call Ground Zero. Class Instructor assessment required




Q: What is Ground Zero?


First Rule of Ground Zero: You do not talk about Ground Zero.




Q: Jeez! Sounds intense. Answer me this tho, will I lose weight?




We recommend five classes per week as an optimal number, with three classes per week at a minimum if you’re committed to seeing a real change in your body and your energy levels. Effort is a choice so the more you work, the more you reap.


But as always, your mileage may vary so listen to your body. If you need a rest day, take it.




Q: I can sign up for a gym membership at a cheaper price. Why should I train with you instead?


ATB brings the energy, purpose and enjoyment back to being physically active which ensures consistency.


Sure, at an oversized, box-warehouse gym, you might engage in some cute boxercise lead by someone who 12-stepped his way to a fancy certificate of completion. But at ATB, we are professional, active fighters who are teaching you a true skill, which means you are always learning and constantly seeing improvements. If you are constantly learning, you are never bored which ensures you’ll commit to a fitness regimen.




Q: Will I really learn how to box?


Absolutely. Our studio was created with the focus on small groups to ensure our trainers can drill form and accuracy. You’ll get fitter, faster and your body will organically. move with the speed and flow of a boxer. With or without your permission.




Q: I’m a grumpy person who lives alone with stray cats and wool cardigans. Your pictures look like everyone is having fun. Is this real or are these stock photos?


ATB has a tight bunch under our roof. All trainers are inclusive and compassionate and we’ve attracted like-minded contenders who want to massively improve their game – both in and outside of the boxing ring. We truly do have the friendliest workout space imaginable with a diverse range of clients including creatives and young families who come for the endorphin rush but stay for the laughs and good times.




Q: What do I need to get started?


All you need are your workout clothes, kicks and your A-game and willpower by the bucketload.  We’ll provide the rest.




Q: Tell me about your facilities.


Our pleasure! At ATB, we take great pride in our small, clean minimalistic gym. We came from gyms with multi-levels and rows of complicated machinery and we believe some of them may have let the super-size gym thing get to their heads. Instead, we have everything you need: a professional size boxing ring, a healthy number of punching and speed bags and enough gloves, pads, and wraps to feed your new addiction. We also have a shower in case you need to spruce up before heading out


We are not a classic gym. We are not fancy. We leave the machines behind to focus on the power you have inside so when you want to sweat, you come here.




Q: Do I need to register for my first class?


Yes. For all boxing sessions, please book online under "Book a workout" for group classes and  for Private Individual Boxing Training.

Q: What is your cancellation policy?

We strive to keep our classes size small and personal.  We require a 12 hour advance notice for cancellation.  In the event of a no-show, a class will be deducted from your membership.  Monthly and Unlimited members will be charged $15 per no-show.

Q: How do I cancel my bookings?

Please download the ATB (WIX) app for easy booking and cancelation. Available on our website. 

Q: What is your refund policy?

All sales are final. We do not offer refunds on purchased or unused plans/passes.