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What we Do



All Boxing sessions are thoughtfully designed by coach Bruno to build your engine quickly and efficiently. Expect a fun and intense mix of boxing drills and circuit training. An hour-long session that concentrates on improving your technique with padwork and boosting your fitness with high-energy drills. Listening to “Eye of the Tiger” on repeat, is not included.


Private 1:1

Private 1:1 sessions offer you dedicated time and expertise with coach Bruno, Michael and Arnold. You will have an advantage to increase your strength, implement new habits to improve your performance and condition your body to be physically fit. Our coaches will analyze your strengths, capabilities and work on your weaknesses. Your hard work and time given will improve your stamina and accelerate you to be your best self.


Small Groups

We center our gym around the concept of small groups to ensure that our coaches are able to interact personally with every contender. We are about precision, techniques and instilling confidence that you’ll nail every move you are challenged with. Through our boxing training and conditioning, you will gain strength, be physically fit, have a clear mind and courage to box with the best of them.


Strength & Conditioning

90 mins

All Strength & Conditioning classes are personally constructed by coach Michael Bazzel. Incorporating exclusive methods and strategies known throughout the boxing industry as #BazzelStrength. Boxing training is more than just throwing punches and each session includes resistance work, plyometrics and a special technique we call “Operation Abs”

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